About i-BOX

i-BOX : The Intelligent Document Management Platform

   i-BOX enables organizations to maximize efficiency, collaboration, and compliance in document management. Developed by Netbay, a leader in digital solutions, i-BOX is an intelligent platform that automates workflows while providing robust security, customization, and support. Equip your business for the digital age with i-BOX.


     i-BOX will provide an AI-driven document management platform that makes it effortless for teams to collaborate, maintain compliance, access files, and digitally transform their workflows. We aim to set the new standard for document handling that is intelligent, intuitive, and enables next-level efficiency.


     To revolutionize business document management through intelligent automation that empowers users.

Netbay Public Company Limited

     Founded in 2001, Netbay is a pioneering Thai digital solutions provider focused on innovation and customer satisfaction. Netbay delivers end-to-end digital business solutions spanning conceptualization to implementation.

The Brains Behind i-BOX

     Their comprehensive logistics platform, Shipping Net, aligns with Thailand's Customs policies to streamline complex operations like customs clearance, tracking, and inventory management. This versatile platform ensures compliance and efficiency for logistics businesses.

     Netbay's newest solution, i-BOX, is an AI-powered document management system that automates workflows while enabling seamless collaboration, version control, and regulatory compliance. i-BOX provides a centralized platform to simplify document handling through intelligent automation.

With over 20 years of experience  delivering innovative digital solutions

    Netbay leads in facilitating digital transformation for organizations. Their technology solves complex business needs with an emphasis on usability and evolving with the digital landscape.

     Backed by ISO certifications and a dedicated professional team, Netbay's cutting-edge products like i-BOX represent the future of intelligent business process automation. Netbay's strategic partnerships also position them at the forefront of Thailand's digital evolution.

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