i-BOX Drive

A file storage system (ECM/DMS) designed to work with other i-BOX web applications. It organizes documents or transaction-related documents on the i-BOX Digital Platform, storing them as individual files or file sets, making employees' work easier, more convenient, and faster.

Benefits with i-BOX Drive

Search quickly

Find the documents or contracts you need quickly and conveniently using simple keywords such as the contractor's name or contract name. This makes document searching easy for you.

enhance documents in the contract set

You can add documents to the stored contract set in case of missing documents, edit documents in the existing set, or replace expired documents.

Secure Document Storage

With cloud storage, you can access your data conveniently and quickly, backed by a security system that meets international standards for keep your data safe.

Work with i-BOX Doc2Sign

Integrate seamlessly with i-BOX Doc2Sign to transmit contract document sets into i-BOX Drive, organizing them systematically and enabling fast, accurate searches. This simplifies your future contract processes.

Notification of contract expiration

Notify about contract expiry or expired sub-documents within some contract sets, which may render the contract incomplete. The system will alert you to replace these documents to keep the contract in a complete and operational status.

Securely store documents

With cloud-based data storage, accessing and utilizing your data becomes easy and convenient. It facilitates seamless data transfer across different systems while ensuring security measures are in place at an international standard level, adhering to some contract regulatory requirements for data retention of up to 10 years.

Consolidate all your documents and contract sets in one place, making it easy and convenient for quick search and use. You can also modify and add supplementary documents to ensure your contracts are complete and ready for use. Let i-BOX Drive help you save time and enhance your business efficiency starting today.

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