i-BOX E-Service

A utility service system with diverse features to meet the needs of any organization. It can be integrated with other services, such as satisfaction evaluation systems and payment reminder systems.

Benefits with i-BOX E-Service

Convenient, easy to use

A system designed for easy user access and operation, without complexity, benefiting your agency or organization. It also comes with multiple features that can be customized to suit your needs.

Cost reduction

With a system designed for functionality, it's ready to be immediately implemented in your agency or organization. This helps reduce initial project costs.

Quality and reliable data

The data obtained from the system, both on the service provider's and user's sides, is mutually reliable and verifiable. It demonstrates transparency in the service delivery of your agency or organization.

9 Key Features of i-BOX E-Service


Welfare or benefit redemption system, adaptable to various conditions such as exchanging items, discounts, receiving benefits, and more.

Billing & Payment

Billing system with invoice sending, online payments, payment verification, and automated workflows.

Booking Service

Service booking system adaptable to various businesses, enhancing user convenience while collecting usage statistics and generating summary reports.

Join Activities

Event notification system with registration forms, data collection, and attendance tracking for various activities.

Check Information

Information verification system, adaptable to the data you want users to check themselves, reducing staff time.

Request & Tracking

Notification system with form submission and progress tracking, reducing travel expenses and time spent on reporting and follow-ups.

Survey & Rating

Survey creation system to collect data and statistics for various uses within your agency or organization.

Form & Document

Form and document creation system for users to fill out information or download files as specified by your agency or organization.

Kmowledge Center

System for creating a data repository for your agency or organization, storing information and sharing it with users, along with access rights management.

Adaptable for use in government sectors, agencies, organizations, and private companies

With the diverse features of i-BOX E-Service, you can adapt these features to suit your agency or business in many ways. Whether it's redeeming discounts, rewards, filing complaints, or making various payments, the system also collects data and automatically forwards it to relevant departments. This reduces time and costs for both service users and providers, along with international standard security systems.

Examples of i-BOX E-Service usage in the government sector

Applications for Citizens

With UX/UI (User Experience/User Interface) design tailored for ease of use and suitability for the target user group, the application integrates with LINE Official Account (Line OA), a frequently used application among the user base. This ensures easy accessibility and practical usability.

Applications for Agencies

Designed to meet the specific needs of each feature used within your agency or organization, the application includes a management system that allows staff to administer tasks and generate reports immediately. It also features an automated workflow system that seamlessly transfers tasks across different departments or organizations, enhancing the efficiency and speed of operations. Additionally, the application ensures international-standard security, showcasing accurate and transparent operations within your agency.

Join the transformation to an E-Office with i-BOX E-Service, which helps reduce operational costs and working time. Additionally, it minimizes resource usage, protects the environment, and increases customer access channels for your agency or organizations services. Start today!

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