Manufacturing Thailand Trends

     In 2024, Thailand's manufacturing sector is navigating a recovery phase post-COVID-19, with gradual GDP growth but facing challenges due to decreased exports and manufacturing contraction. Specific industries like auto parts, electronics, and plastics are experiencing growth, driven by strong export demand. The sector's future is shaped by strategic measures from the Federation of Thai Industries, focusing on bolstering key export sectors and addressing global economic challenges. This landscape reflects a complex mix of recovery, targeted growth areas, and ongoing global market challenges.

Key Document Management Challenges for Manufacturing

  • Compliance with International and Local Regulations : Manufacturing companies must manage and store documents that comply with a range of international and local regulations, including environmental, safety, and trade laws.
  • Supply Chain Documentation : Managing extensive documentation related to the supply chain, including procurement, logistics, and inventory management, is a complex task, especially in the context of global supply chain disruptions.
  • Quality Control and Product Tracking : Maintaining detailed records for quality control processes and product tracking, including batch records, testing results, and compliance certificates, is essential but challenging.
  • Integration Across Multiple Platforms : The need to integrate document management systems with various manufacturing software and platforms for seamless operations poses a significant challenge.

i-BOX Benefit

Streamlined Regulatory Compliance

i-BOX's features facilitate compliance with international and local manufacturing regulations, simplifying the management of necessary legal and compliance documents.

Efficient Supply Chain Management

The platform's capability to handle complex supply chain documentation helps manufacturers manage procurement, logistics, and inventory documents efficiently, ensuring smoother operations.

Enhanced Quality Control Documentation

i-BOX supports thorough documentation for quality control processes, enabling manufacturers to maintain detailed records like batch records, testing results, and compliance certificates, crucial for product quality and safety.

Integrated Document Management

With i-BOX, manufacturers can integrate their document management systems with various manufacturing software and platforms, leading to seamless and efficient operations.

Manufacturing Business Journey

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